Nandanik Dance Academy


Lok Nritya

“India dances to the rhythms of a million rural feet”- Asish Mohan Khokkar (dance scholar, writer,commentator.) India, where a myriad form of cultures, languages, races and traditions have come to thrive together for centuries, rural or folk life has embraced various occasions - arrival of seasons, birth of a child, a wedding, harvest festival, to celebrate through dance and music

Men, women, children – all get together and dance for themselves, offering their dance as a prayer to Nature or giving thanks to the Gods. From Kashmir to KanyaKumari, from Arunachal to Gujarat, India is vibrant with over a hundred folk dance forms such as the Dhumal, Bihu, Giddha, Garba, Nati, Morni, Thang-ta, Santhali,Raibneshe, Mayurbhanj Chhau, Kavadi, or Kolattam.

These different forms of folk dance have their own specific costume, rhythm and style. The costumes in folk dances are often brillantly colorful and ornately adorned with jewels and ornamental threads. At Nandanik, some of these traditional folk dance techniques are taught to young boys and girls.

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