Anjali Menon

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Anjali Menon started learning Bharatanatyam when she was 4 years old in Trivandrum, Kerala. Under the guidance of Guru Girija Chandran, she presented her arangetram at the age of 10 in Kerala, India. After a few years’ hiatus, Anjali started to perform again in both classical and contemporary styles, around the Delaware Valley Region with various Indian-American cultural groups.

Anjali started training in the Navanritya style of dance under Guru Anwesha Dutta in 2006 at Nava Nritya Dance Academy (NNDA). She trained and performed with the school’s senior group of dancers on a number of stages before she headed to college. Anjali co-founded and performed with Pennsylvania State University’s first ever Indian Classical Dance Team, PSU Natya. Anjali also danced with Penn State International Dance Ensemble (artistic director in 2012) where she learned and performed many new styles of global dance.

Since 2012, Anjali became a regular primary instructor to the younger group of dancers for six years and a senior dancer at NNDA for six years. Anjali has completed workshops under Guru Sanjib Bhattacharya in Chhau and Manipuri, and she has performed at Philadelphia’s Penn’s Landing, Please Touch Museum, Inglis House, and Wells Fargo Center.

Since moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband in March 2019, Anjali has joined Nandanik Dance Academy. She looks forward to her growth as a dancer and as an artist under artistic director, Guru NandiniMandal, and is excited to continue her dance journey in Pittsburgh!